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August 18, 2009

IS 227 Wins 2009 Brick NY Award!

I.S. 227 in Queens has been chosen as one of the winning projects in the Brick NY awards for its exterior masonry renovation.

The existing building is a large four-story structure built in the mid 1970’s. The entire façade, approximately 50,000SF, is a brick veneer with a masonry backup wall. In consultation with the NYC SCA, the entire brick veneer was replaced, including the new brick anchors, windows, window sills, as well as repair of the backup wall and spandrel beams.

OMNI approached the project not only from the technical standpoint, but from the aesthetic one as well. The existing building was a low, elongated structure with a monochromatic brick veneer façade. Our intent was to make it lighter and more playful. The configuration of the façade planes suggested the use of different brick types. Thus, we decided to use dark color brick to outline the roof parapet, ground floor walls and the entire height of columns. The new windows were selected in similar dark color to blend with the surrounding area. This approach emphasized the light brick at classroom parapet walls, which appear as if they are floating in the air. The new façade became light and lively with creative interplay of different modules and colors.  It not only provided a watertight new façade, but improved the school building appearance, and enhanced the entire neighborhood.

This project was also a result of a very successful cooperation between the NYC SCA, OMNI Architects, P.C. and the General Contractor, Adams European. OMNI design decisions were supported by the SCA and executed by Adams European without major delays.

For more information about this project, please visit the I.S. 227 project page.