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September 27, 2010

OMNI wins SchoolDesigner.com design award for acoustics integration

This was a complete interior renovation of a 1970s era intermediate school auditorium.  Originally finished in glazed structural facing tile, the space exhibited a high level of ambient noise reflection, and acoustics were thus an important concern for the school.  In design the volume of the space was reshaped to minimize reflected sound using customized wall and ceiling paneling in combination with wood elements, creating a more acoustically balanced environment.

The renovation included a stage extension, and complete replacement of the fixed seating, stage curtains and doors.  The replacement of a motorized folding partition wall further separated the space acoustically from the adjacent gymnasium.  LED lighting was used extensively throughout the project to reduce energy consumption and increase lighting fixture/lamping life span.  A programmable stage lighting and dimming system was installed, and the space was made accessible through the installation of a stage wheelchair lift and new locations for wheelchair seating.  An overall electrical and HVAC upgrade included the provision of a new sound system and air conditioning.

Our office approached this project as an opportunity to provide a quality high-end performance space, not only for the students of this Bronx public school, but also for the surrounding community, which makes frequent use of the space for neighborhood events and performances.

For more information regarding the collabetition please visit the SchoolDesigner.com award site, and our entry page.

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